FAMILY & company history 

A Tradition of Excellence Since 1896


Conrad Dannenbrink immigrated from Hanover, Germany in 1844. He eventually made his way to Trinity County where he later married Augusta Junkans in 1863 in Weaverville, California. They made their home in Canon City where they had 10 children. The two oldest sons, August and Henry, ventured into gold mining. Together they acquired the mining rights and owned the Gilta Mine near Cecilville. It was their desire to have telephone service at the mine, which brought them into the telephone business. Along with many other leading businessmen, August and Henry were among the original stockholders of Siskiyou Telephone Company; which was incorporated on October 10, 1896 in Fort Jones, California. The Company purchased an existing line from Yreka to Callahan via Fort Jones, Greenview and Etna for a sum of $4,000.00.

DANNENBRINK FAMILY - pictured left to right; back row: Carl, Augusta A., August, Johanna, Henry, front row: Conrad, Eleanora, Augusta C.