In an emergency, or no cell service area, and need a Courtesy Phone? 

Our Courtesy Phones are ready to be of service to you across western Siskiyou County for Free Local calls, Emergency 911, and 611 Telephone Repair. (A calling card/credit card is required for Long Distance calls.) 

All Courtesy Phones are coinless. To reach an operator, dial 0.

Sawyers Bar Exchange

Nordheimer Campground, 12143 Salmon River Rd, Forks of Salmon

Idlewild Campground, 19325 Sawyers Bar Rd, Sawyers Bar

Sawyers Bar Post Office, 39039 Sawyers Bar Rd, Sawyers Bar

Sawyers Bar Community Hall, 25138 Sawyers Bar Rd, Sawyers Bar

Petersburg Guard Station (Private), 2405 Caribou Rd, Cecilville

Missouri Bar, 44407 Cecilville Rd, Cecilville

Hamburg Exchange

Seiad Store, 44719 Hwy 96, Seiad Valley

Horse Creek, 28201 Hwy 96, Horse Creek

Fort Goff Campground, 49018 Hwy 96, Hamburg

Sarah Totten Campground, 35139 Hwy 96, Hamburg

Rainbow Resort, 35940 Hwy 96, Hamburg

Scott Bar, 27233 Scott River Rd, Scott Bar

Somes Bar Exchange

Ti-Bar, 88230 Hwy 96, Somes Bar

Salmon River Outpost, 99531 Hwy 96, Somes Bar

Marble Mountain Ranch, 92520 Hwy 96, Somes Bar

Klamath River Exchange

Gottville, 9134 Hwy 96, Klamath River

Quigley's Store, 11736 Hwy 96, Klamath River

Etna Exchange

Etna High School, 400 Howell Ave, Etna

Etna High School Gym, 400 Howell Ave, Etna

MVP Gas Station, 10 Industrial Way, Etna

Main Street, 443 Main St, Etna

Farrington's Store, 12436 S Hwy 3, Callahan

Fort Jones Exchange

Indian Scotty Campground, 13920 Scott River Rd, Fort Jones

Bridge Flat, 16619 Scott River Rd, Fort Jones

Fort Jones Community Hall, 11960 East St, Fort Jones

Main Street, 11920 Main St, Fort Jones

Happy Camp Exchange

River Park, 321 Park Way, Happy Camp

Double J Sports & Spirits, 63803 Hwy 96, Happy Camp

Curly Jack Campground, 815 Curly Jack Rd, Happy Camp

Clear Creek, 71326 Hwy 96, Happy Camp