1.    Your basic telephone service will not be disconnected for failure to pay non-local charges. Your phone bill identifies all charges, the nonpayment of which will NOT result in suspension of basic telephone service.

2.    All erroneous, unauthorized or questioned charges can be disputed by calling the Siskiyou Telephone business office toll-free at 1-866-467-6001.

3.    Siskiyou Telephone has the authority to address any disputed charge on your phone bill.

4.    In lieu of paying the disputed bill, you may deposit the amount claimed to be due by Siskiyou Telephone with the Consumer Affairs Division, CPUC, Room 4300, 505 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA 94102-3298. The check should be payable to the California Public Utilities Commission.

5.    The CPUC will rule on the dispute, inform both parties, and disburse the funds in accordance with its findings.

6.    Service will not be discontinued for nonpayment of the disputed bill when the deposit has been made with the CPUC pending the outcome of the Commission's review.

7.     Failure of the customer to pay Siskiyou Telephone or deposit the billed amount with the CPUC within 15 days after the disputed bill has been presented for payment will result in discontinuance of service without further notice.

8.     If, before the completion of the Commission's review, additional bills become due which are also disputed, the customer shall also deposit with the CPUC the additional amounts due before they become past due to avoid discontinuance of service.