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Siskiyou Telephone has partnered with MyBundle.TV to make the switch easier than ever. Everything that cable and satellite TV companies provide is now available via streaming platforms, including live TV, all of your preferred regional stations, and cloud-based DVRs. Now you can customize your bundle to only include what you watch.

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Discover and learn about new streaming services with the MyBundle.TV Streaming Marketplace. While most people know about Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, and Disney+, there are hundreds of other streaming services! The Streaming Marketplace helps you find and sign-up for unique and niche services that match your interests. Also, if you’re looking for a particular show or movie, the Streaming Marketplace has you covered!

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Stop suffering from buffering! Siskiyou Telephone delivers fiber* Internet with no taxes, no hidden fees, and no contracts. Now your whole home can enjoy unlimited 4K streaming for sports, TV shows, movies, and more. Make the switch today and start enjoying amazingly fast and reliable speed streaming into every connected device in your home. *Subject to location availability

Streaming FAQs

What is cord cutting?

The act of canceling your cable or satellite subscription in favor of a more affordable television viewing option is known as cord-cutting. More and more programming is now available outside of the typical cable/satellite bundle thanks to the rise of Smart TVs and Netflix. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and a streaming device to get the Live TV channels you love, reruns On-Demand, and even brand-new content from streaming services you’ve never heard of. A digital antenna can also be used to get free access to broadcast networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.

Can my TV handle streaming?

If you’ve purchased a TV in the last few years it most likely is a smart TV and has the ability to stream many of the services available. If you want to access a wider variety of streaming services or have an older TV, Roku, Amazon, Google, and other companies provide reasonably priced streaming devices that can convert practically any TV into a smart TV. Streaming Devices offer an easy and simple-to-use interface that allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies. You can plug the TV or streaming device directly into a modem or into your Wi-Fi network. You can start streaming as soon as you’re connected.

Who provides streaming services?

Streaming services are typically provided by subscription-based entertainment providers like Sling, Hulu, and YouTube TV, to name a few. Additionally, customers have the option of subscribing to live news, sporting events, and other streaming shows from ESPN, ABC, NBC, and other live-streaming networks.

Will I see charges for streaming services on my Siskiyou Telephone bill?

No, you’ll be billed directly by the streaming provider(s) of your choice.

Who is MyBundle.TV?

MyBundle.TV is simplifying the streaming TV experience. With so many choices of what to watch and where to watch it, the streaming world is overwhelming. This platform simplifies all of it so you can get back to watching the channels, shows, and movies you love while saving money and time in the process. Learn more