California Department of Technology Partners with Siskiyou Telephone to Construct 163 Miles of the Middle-Mile Broadband Initiative in Siskiyou County!

July 28, 2023 – The California Department of Technology (CDT) finalized an agreement with Siskiyou Telephone Company to construct 163 miles of fiber optic cable as part of California’s statewide Middle-Mile Broadband Initiative

CDT secured a $52 million contract with Siskiyou Telephone to build the 163 miles of high-speed, 288-fiber-count optical cable and install the necessary infrastructure.

The project route begins in Humboldt County's unincorporated community, Orleans, and stretches approximately 90 miles through Siskiyou County, northeast to Yreka, and approximately 70 miles west to Happy Camp. 

Adding 163 miles of fiber optic cable will extend high-speed broadband to hundreds of unserved households in Northern California. 

The Broadband Middle-Mile Initiative ensures equitable access to the digital resources necessary for modern life, such as online education, telemedicine, and remote work opportunities.


This step towards digital inclusivity is essential to foster social and economic growth in underserved communities. CDT will be responsible for maintenance and operation after Siskiyou Telephone completes construction. 

Work will begin in May 2024 and conclude by December 2026.

What is a "Middle Mile" network?

What makes this project a unique public-private partnership?

Why is a Public-Private Partnership a more cost effective way to build fiber?

Why is the project cost so high?

How will this project bring resiliency to our current fiber network?

How will this project impact the timeline for fiber to my home?

What does this project mean for local Tribal Broadband networks?

How did this project come into being?

We are very excited to begin working on this project!
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