Smart Rural Community 

Siskiyou Telephone is proud to announce 

we are California's first Smart Rural Community Provider!

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Not only did we start our business in 1896, we are also the first California company to participate in the Smart Rural Community program. Our fiber communities in the city limits of Etna and Fort Jones and the entire Happy Camp Exchange are distinguished as Smart Rural Communities from the NTCA. With over 69% of our serving area qualifying for this award, we continue to build fiber throughout our serving area and look forward to announcing more areas as we reach our goal of providing 100% fiber-to-the-premises to every business and home in our serving area. The Smart Rural Community  award is part of the NTCA's initiative to highlight efforts that make rural communities vibrant places to live and do business. 


Fiber optic cable is made up of anywhere from one to hundreds of individual fibers, which are long thin strands of pure glass about the diameter of human hair and has the capability to transport virtually unlimited bandwidth at the speed of light through our network out to the world.




Think of how your internet usage has evolved during the last few years. If you’re like most people, you’re doing — and expecting — a lot more from your internet connection. Now, just imagine how much bandwidth you will need in two, five, or even 10 years. Fiber has the capability to meet your needs today and into the future with remarkable symmetrical speeds.


Fiber-optic cables are less susceptible to glitches than traditional copper wires, wireless or satellites and can withstand temperature fluctuations, severe weather, moisture, and interference from electronics and radio signals.


We strive to enhance our customers’ lives by bringing them the technologies they want and need. FTTP is considered “future proof” and offers the flexibility to deliver additional services in the years to come.