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Democrats preparing for Hillary Clinton campaign

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 7:00am

Hillary Rodham Clinton's strongest supporters held a strategy session Friday to prepare for her 2016 presidential bid, even though she has yet to say whether she will run.

VIDEO: Over 600,000 Christmas lights should bring Guinness record back state-side

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 5:33am

The modern day Clark Griswold gets corporate help when decorating the homestead, according to The Associated Press.

House GOP sues Obama administration on health law

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 5:09am

House Republicans filed a federal lawsuit Friday accusing the Obama administration of exceeding its constitutional powers in carrying out President Barack Obama's prized health care law, giving legal voice to conservatives who have long protested that he has abused his office's authority.

VIDEO: Country artists Ty Herndon and Billy Gilman come out as gay

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 5:00am

Two country singers came out as gay Thursday, an event every bit as significant for their industry as the public emergence of gays was for professional sports.

Brew Beat: Deschutes Brewery Jubelale winter ale

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 4:08am

Per usual, before Thanksgiving is even here, Christmas is flooding the aisles of every store, but fortunately so is Christmas ale.I’ve always believed that a good Christmas ale could put Ebenezer Scrooge himself into a good mood. With their cinnamon, cocoa and spiced flavor, how could you go wrong?So, with Christmas already in the air, I came across my first Christmas ale of the season: Deschutes [...]

County practices Ebola scenarios

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 4:03am

YREKA – Several county department heads met to participate with the rest of the state in an Ebola preparedness workshop.The scenario presented to them Thursday had one person from Scott Valley and another from Weed being monitored for the virus with a few more coming to Yreka.To begin, a call came in from Butte Valley Healthcare Clinic that reported a woman exhibiting symptoms waiting to receive [...]

Ferguson grand jury on Michael Brown shooting still meeting

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 3:36am

A spokesman for the St. Louis County prosecutor says a grand jury is still meeting to consider charges against a Ferguson police officer in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Bandits in Guinea steal suspected Ebola blood

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 2:00am

It was a highway robbery but the bandits got more than they bargained for when they stopped a taxi van in Guinea and made off with blood samples that are believed to be infected with the deadly Ebola virus.

Shawshank Redemption celebrates 20 years with cast, crew reunion

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 2:00am

Morgan Freeman, Tim Robbins and writer/director Frank Darabont, who adapted "Shawshank" from a Stephen King short story, for a screening on Nov. 18 at the Samuel Golden Theater in Beverly Hills, according to

Yreka council says yes to surveillance cameras

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 1:43am

Thursday night the Yreka City Council decided to take the $20,345 leap to purchase surveillance cameras to watch over high crime areas in the town.

Snowbound Buffalo Bills head to Detroit to 'host' Jets

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 1:30am

Whether by plane, snowmobile or sled dog, the Bills are leaving snowbound Buffalo behind for Detroit to play their "home" game against the New York Jets on Monday night.

Prosecution will appeal de la Garza sentencing

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 1:21am

The recent sentencing of the driver in a fatal 2011 automobile accident has spurred outrage from the families of the deceased and an appeal from the prosecution.

As snow ends, roof collapses, floods are concerns

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 12:00am

A snowfall that brought huge drifts and closed roads in the Buffalo area finally ended Friday, yet residents still couldn't breathe easy, as the looming threat of rain and higher temperatures through the weekend and beyond raised the possibility of floods and more roofs collapsing under the heavy loads.

Florida woman latest to accuse Cosby of forced sex

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 10:30pm

A Florida woman who came forward Thursday became the fourth in recent weeks to say Bill Cosby gave her pills that made her feel groggy then forced himself on her sexually.

Thanksgiving getaway: 46.3 million to hit the road

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 10:00pm

The good news for Thanksgiving travelers: the price of gas is at five-year lows. The bad news: a lot more people will be on the road.

Biden calls on Russia to uphold east Ukraine truce

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 9:56pm

Vice President Joe Biden says Russia must uphold its end of a truce in east Ukraine in order to resolve the conflict which has claimed at least 4,300 lives since March.

App Finder: Best art apps

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 3:01pm

Feeling artsy? Want to keep your creative juices flowing while you're on the go? From tools of the trade to a primer on great works of art throughout history, get in touch with your inner Picasso with these unique smartphone apps designed with artists, designers and dabblers of all sorts in mind.Autodesk SketchBook: Autodesk's SketchBook Mobile offers users the same drawing and painting tools as its desktop version, allowing you to work on your masterpiece on the go. It's also compatible [...]

Obama spurns GOP with expansive immigration orders

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 9:11am

Spurning furious Republicans, President Barack Obama unveiled expansive executive actions on immigration Thursday night to spare nearly 5 million people in the U.S. illegally from deportation and refocus enforcement efforts on "felons, not families."

Death by firing squad? Utah lawmakers said yes

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 8:00am

Ten years after banning the use of firing squads in state executions, Utah lawmakers on Wednesday endorsed a proposal to allow the practice again to avoid problems with lethal-injection drugs.

5 things to watch in Obama's immigration speech

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 6:00am

After years of wrangling with Congress over how to fix the country's immigrationsystem, President Barack Obama is ready to announce his plan to take action alone.


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